Energy Ratings

The Facts: Why You Should Consider Our Energy Rated Windows.

Craftsman “A” Rated window suites with Planitherm glass, Super Spacer and Argon Gas filled units.

  • Saves on fuel bills: 25-30% of a houses heat is lost through the windows.
  • Our energy rated windows perform around 80% more efficiently than a standard double glazed window.
  • These windows are manufactured to ISO 9001 officially certified to prove quality and security.
  • Quieter because of the noise reduction properties of the Super Spacer are up to 2dB.
  • Argon Gas is used as it is denser than air and therefore increases the insulation value of your glass unit.
  • The Planitherm glass is one of the best on the market for reflecting heat back into your home while letting solar heat gain in, combined with Extra Clear Low Iron outer pane we can achieve a fantastic “A” rating.
  • Internally glazed with locking to Police approved standards.
    Craftsman “A” rated windows are amongst the best energy efficient products on the market today with no energy loss through the windows.

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